Just as mental health is more than the absence of illness, mental strength is more than the absence of problems or weaknesses. Sport psychological support is often about increasing performance (e.g. through concentration training, automation of movements, correct goal setting and self-reflection) or stabilising performance (e.g. reliably calling on existing potential in competition). Sometimes the focus is also on restoring performance in the event of problems, injuries or crises - (unfortunately) natural components of a sports career.


In the care of our clients, we attach great importance to a trusting relationship (confidentiality applies!) that is characterised by openness, appreciation and respect. We work with state-of-the-art sport psychological methods whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. Individual solutions are always developed that are tailored to the needs of the clients (athletes, teams, coaches, parents, clubs, associations) and aim at a holistic and sustainable development.






An important goal of sport psychological support is active self-management on the part of the client. The clients train their own perception to independently reflect on psychological processes and to learn and apply mental techniques in order to be able to better deal with different situations - be it in training, in competition, in everyday life or with regard to career planning. The focus is on a holistic and sustainable development of the personality in the context of sports and life.


Sport psychological support can include various elements, depending on your wishes and indications:


It can be training-oriented (e.g. learning certain mental techniques such as performance training, relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation or concentration techniques).


It can be coaching-oriented (e.g. psychological support for athletes, coaches, parents, with the aim of improving athletic performance, mental and physical health, quality of life).


It can be counselling-oriented (e.g. when answers to immediate questions are to be found and sport psychological expertise is to be sought).


Accordingly, support can take place regularly over a longer period of time or irregularly according to need. In some cases, a single appointment is sufficient to reflect on one's own situation and to look at it from a new perspective.


Individual coaching sessions in my practice (also by telephone or video telephony/web conferencing) are an excellent way to realise individual and flexible sport psychological support. Coaching at the training or competition venue is also possible.


In certain contexts, workshops or practice-oriented lectures in the group are also useful. This is particularly relevant for training groups and clubs/associations as well as in the area of further education for coaches or parents.


How much time and energy do you invest in your sport and what measures can you take to improve? In many cases, sport psychological support is more worthwhile than anything else. This optimisation potential concerns athletes at all levels of performance!








Personal support also possible at the training or competition venue


Online coaching: 

Support via video conference


Reductions for youth athletes and cooperation partners possible - please enquire! All prices include taxes. In case of cancellation within 24 hours before an agreed appointment, we reserve the right to charge 50% of the estimated fee.